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It’s that time of the year to reflect on the months before and set goals for the months ahead.

First, some highlights from 2015 . . . 

My goal for 2015 was to internalize R=R+, a Top 20 Training concept that says you can be right about something while also recognizing there’s more you don’t know. I resolved to listen with the desire to understand, to embrace feedback, and to relish opportunities for growth. I made strides toward these resolutions.

  • At my day job, we relearned aspects of our roles in order to be more productive and effective. This required us to toss out processes we’d grown accustomed to and shift our attention to areas where we could make the biggest difference for customers and sales. This mindset has already affected how I determine where to spend my time and energy.
  • With regard to my writing and illustrating, Rebecca’s mentoring has shown me there’s much to learn about crafting a satisfying, marketable book and building a meaningful, enduring publishing career. Rebecca persuaded me of the value of outlining, made me confront my crutches and weaknesses, and gave me tools to attain real, noticeable growth.
  • As for my personal relationships, I still have work to do. It can be challenging for me to see people as they are. While I’m comfortable admitting when I’m wrong, I rarely adjust how I approach these relationships moving forward. This year, I will strive to be kinder and more accepting of others, especially when they’re trying to change for the better.

My goal for 2016 is to be more purposeful with my time and my goals. I intend to accomplish this through the following ways:

  • Bullet Journaling: At the end of 2015, I looked back and couldn’t account for a great deal of my personal time. Rebecca recommended I try the Bullet Journal. I hope it will make me more productive and also help me keep an eye on my goals.
  • Dedicated Think Time: I will set aside one hour each week to spend with my thoughts. It’s time to get serious about a long-term plan that takes into account the next few projects I want to work on as well as the kind of career I want for myself.
  • Krav Maga: While being healthy should be its own goal, this hasn’t proved enough for me to stick with a routine. Last night, Aaron and I signed up for Krav Maga at Warriors Academy KC. Krav Maga will teach me self-defense and help Aaron write more believable fight scenes. Along the way, we hope to also get stronger, more flexible, and healthier together.

Happy 2016, friends! Here’s to a productive and creative year with fond memories, happy surprises, and stacks upon stacks of good books.


Happy New Year, friends!

I’ve got big plans (BIG PLANS I say!) for 2015:

  • In March, I’ll travel to the Pacific Northwest to attend D4EO’s first agent-client retreat.
  • In June, Aaron and I will mark our tenth wedding anniversary which we’ll celebrate in October with a trip to the Caribbean.
  • In July, I’ll turn 30. Last night my dad noted I’ve lived half my life in one millennium and half in another. 2015 is a fine year to enter my third decade.

Professionally, I have big plans, too:

  • Complete pre-submission revisions on my middle grade WIP.
  • Embark on an intensive picture book craft journey.
  • Write! Read! Draw!

At my day job, I work with a wonderful group called Top 20 Training who travel the country speaking to teachers, kids, parents, and professionals about how developing thinking, learning, and communication skills (i.e. EQ) can yield incredible rewards in how we experience life.

One of Top 20’s concepts is R = R+. It’s the idea that you can be right about something while also recognizing there is more you don’t know. It’s a concept that encourages listening to understand, being open to possibilities, and being willing to admit when you are wrong or simply don’t have all the information.

2014 was a year of realizing I have a lot of room to grow personally and professionally. My goal for 2015 is to internalize R = R+: To listen with the desire to understand, to embrace feedback, and to relish opportunities for growth.

Here’s to a year of creativity, learning, and shelves upon shelves of good books!