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For August, SCBWI featured the best 20 entries for Write This! in an online gallery. The chosen descriptions are truly exceptional. My favorites:

The storm spirits were coming. They’d heard me. Far off poplar leaves danced frantically, silver side out. Seconds later I felt the breeze engulf the backs of my bare legs, softly, from the wrong direction, like the heavy, wet breath of a hunting hound. – Kari Percival, Website

For the past three days the sun had not moved from the center of the sky. Blood red, it glared at Spring Valley like the eye of an angry god, wilting the waist high corn and shriveling the hollyhocks. Everyone had the same question: Who was responsible?David LaRochelle, Website

I’m itching to read these books!

The September Write This! prompt is: In 50 words or less, give us a first impression of your character’s new teacher. Here’s my submission.


Graphic courtesy of MorgueFile and QuotesCover.

SCBWI featured the first 500 entries for July’s Write This! in their online gallery. Submissions included frogs and witches, teachers and trolls, poems and prose, the sweet and the gross.

The August Write This! prompt is: In 50 words or less, create a narrative description of the weather which sets a mood for suspense, mystery, and intrigue. Here’s my submission.


Graphic courtesy of MorgueFile and QuotesCover.

It’s a great time to be a member of SCBWI. They’ve now announced a new feature for writers called Write This!

Like Draw This! (in which I recently participated), Write This! is a monthly prompt to accompany the SCBWI INSIGHT report. The first 500 submissions will be featured in an online gallery to be perused by fellow writers and publishing professionals.

The July prompt is: “Write a description of a children’s book character using no more than fifty words. The prompt word is WART.” Here’s my submission, all dolled up for Twitter and the blog.


Graphic courtesy of QuotesCover.

You can enjoy other wart-inspired entries at #scbwiwritethis. Many thanks to SCBWI for another fun opportunity to share our work!