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Etta with Red Background

Etta’s First Snow

For this week’s Illustration Friday challenge, I asked my husband which animal he would like to see in the snow. He chose an elephant. So here she is! He named her “Etta” after a character from the Fringe television show.

This illustration features a chalkboard pattern layered on slate colored paper. The snowflakes and scarf were cut from Paper Source’s Yuzen Pale Aqua Gold Waves Fine Paper and Yuzen Red White Pink Blossom Fine Paper, respectively. (They were a gift from my mother-in-law. Thanks again, Momma Mizell!)

“My, these humans are a strange-looking bunch.”

For this week’s challenge, I studied up on Soviet space dogs. The pup in this illustration is Strelka. He orbited the Earth in August 1960 with fellow pup, Belka, and an assortment of other animals. While most of the space dog launches ended in tragedy, I was happy to learn that Belka and Strelka returned home safe and sound on this mission.

Now, I don’t know if Belka and Strelka met an alien on their travels—but it’s fun to imagine that they did. (Talk about a barking frenzy!)

This week’s topic for Illustration Friday is “puzzled.” Sometimes I puzzle over the origins and meanings of popular clichés, like the subject of this piece: “pull the wool over somebody’s eyes.” It means “to deceive someone,” but I tend to picture things literally.

If you enjoy clichés, too, you should visit this website which pulls ten at random. During my research, I stumbled across “noisier than two skeletons making love on a tin roof.” You better believe I’ll introduce that into this week’s conversations.

What’s your favorite cliché?