Last week Thursday (June 11th, 2015), Aaron and I marked our tenth wedding anniversary.


We celebrated with a special showing of Jurassic World at Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet in downtown Kansas City.


We rode with raptors . . .

Jurassic World Photo Shoot from Alamo KC

. . . ate fearsome food . . .


. . . and won tickets plus a bag of dinosaurs for impersonating a triceratops. Roar!


Aaron gave me a multipurpose drafting table so I can paint and cut and collage without worrying about Godzilla cats or getting all creaky or spilling glue on the carpet. He chose one with a glass top and a clamp-on light so I can convert the surface into a giant light box whenever I wish. (Genius idea, right?) I adore my drafting table and look forward to many hours spent illustrating on it.


As for my gift to him . . .

In 2011, I made a cut paper collage in the shape of a heart as a wedding gift for my friend Tiffany. Every so often, Aaron would hint for a Love Machine of his own, and I would promise to make one.

Only I’d forget.

Well! I finally remembered.

I didn’t want Aaron to know what I was planning, so I worked during lunch breaks and while he was busy writing, and hid the materials out of sight. We are just awful at keeping secrets from each other, but this surprise I kept.

Here is Love Machine AP6115.

This collage is approximately 3” wide by 4” high, made from Tim Holtz idea-ology scrapbook papers, a Monet waterlilies print, metal gears, and glue. Its design is based on a medical illustration I found online. I set it in a shadowbox so Aaron can take it out from time to time and hold it in his hand.

Because this is our “tin” anniversary, my friends Alesha and Ashley suggested I wrap the frame in aluminium foil. I presented it to my loverly on anniversary morning.


I’m so happy he liked it!

Although . . .

I can’t imagine he likes it more than I like my new drafting table. Squeak!

Here’s to a lifetime more of memories with my favorite person.




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  1. June 17, 2015

    I gave a little kick at our wedding 😉

    So happy that you love your drafting table. So happy that you still love me after all this time 😀

    The Love Machine AP6115 is better than imagined, perfect in every way! I couldn’t have asked for a better gift! Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!

    As a side note, for all those reading, it was Priscilla who acted like a triceratops and won us those tickets and little dinosaurs, not I. She got down on all fours and roared so loud the announcer was slightly frightened, raised her hands to symbolize horns, and tromped around before roaring again. Then, as the triceratops was found during the original Jurassic Park, Priscilla fell onto her side and breathed heavily as though sick! AMAZE BALLS!!!

    Happy 10 year anniversary, My Wildest of Things!

  2. June 17, 2015

    What a neat blog about your anniversary night out! We love you both! What does the AP6115 stand for? Your inititals,date?

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