Happy New Year, friends!

I’ve got big plans (BIG PLANS I say!) for 2015:

  • In March, I’ll travel to the Pacific Northwest to attend D4EO’s first agent-client retreat.
  • In June, Aaron and I will mark our tenth wedding anniversary which we’ll celebrate in October with a trip to the Caribbean.
  • In July, I’ll turn 30. Last night my dad noted I’ve lived half my life in one millennium and half in another. 2015 is a fine year to enter my third decade.

Professionally, I have big plans, too:

  • Complete pre-submission revisions on my middle grade WIP.
  • Embark on an intensive picture book craft journey.
  • Write! Read! Draw!

At my day job, I work with a wonderful group called Top 20 Training who travel the country speaking to teachers, kids, parents, and professionals about how developing thinking, learning, and communication skills (i.e. EQ) can yield incredible rewards in how we experience life.

One of Top 20’s concepts is R = R+. It’s the idea that you can be right about something while also recognizing there is more you don’t know. It’s a concept that encourages listening to understand, being open to possibilities, and being willing to admit when you are wrong or simply don’t have all the information.

2014 was a year of realizing I have a lot of room to grow personally and professionally. My goal for 2015 is to internalize R = R+: To listen with the desire to understand, to embrace feedback, and to relish opportunities for growth.

Here’s to a year of creativity, learning, and shelves upon shelves of good books!




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  1. Aaron Mizell #
    January 1, 2015

    Love you! 😀

  2. Alesha Edmondson #
    January 5, 2015

    You will totally rock 2015! So proud of your accomplishments so far 🙂

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