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Here is a look at my promotional materials for the Kansas SCBWI Fall Conference!

The Business Card

Front of Business Card

Back of Business Card

Like Laura Zarrin, I chose to round the corners with a scrapbooking tool.

Pro Tip: You will get a hand cramp if you try to round more than 100 corners in one sitting. (Ouch.)

The Postcard

Front of Postcard


New Scanned back of postcard

Back of Postcard

For consistency, I featured the same character and paper patterns in both designs. The image from the front of the postcard (minus the web address) will also serve as the title page for my physical portfolio.

These materials were printed by Educational Publishers, a division of the company I work for in Manhattan, Kansas.

Four Awesomesauce Resources for Creating Business Cards and Postcards

A chef’s hat tip to Laura Zarrin, Molly Idle, and Alicia Padrón for generously sharing their recommendations and designs in the following blog posts:




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  1. January 21, 2016

    Beautiful cards! I love your geese and your paper choices.

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